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La Macha Black Honey


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Brown Sugar, Honey, Ripe Plum, Blackberry, Lightly Dry 

La Macha is one of the microlots from family owned Farm Ecobeneficio Jiménez in the region Tarrazú in Costa Rica. This region is famous for the best coffees in Costa Rica.

The nutrient rich volcanic soils, the high altitude and perfect climatic conditions influenced by the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific on the other side make this coffee one of the best in the world. Family Jiménez take care about doing the cultivation in environmentally friendly management, while preserving and using the diverse and opulent flora and fauna. The farm has been family owned since generations and the techniques for further processing and drying are continuously being developed.

The honey process has been invented in Costa Rica and means to dry the coffee by depulping only a part of the coffee fruit from the bean and keep the rest - so called 'mucilage' on the bean. The mucilage (sticky substance like honey) cover the beans while drying on concrete or sunbeds. The producer has full control of the level of mucilage left on the beans. There are white, yellow, red and black honeys, whereby white honey has the least and black honey the most mucilage left on the beans.  This process is the most complex, laborious and expensive way to process coffee, but it results in a rich bodied, flavorful coffee with sweet aftertaste unlike any other.

This black honey is a must-try and one of our favorites: Intense sweet flavors like brown sugar and honey following to sweet heavy flavors like ripe plum and blackberry finished with a lightly dry aftertaste.

Region: Tarrazú * Cup Score: 87.5 * Farm: Ecobeneficio Jimenez * Altitude: 1600m * Variety: Caturra * Harvest: January-March * Process: Black Honey * Acidity: Creamy Silky Texture * Body: Intense and Citric * Roast: Medium

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